Hot Topics: Australia December 2015

Hotly anticipated and entirely unexpected events caught the attention of Australians on Facebook in December, demonstrating the potential power of both suspense and surprise to help brands engage and connect with their audiences.



The Holiday season resonated strongest with older women this year, as Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day sparked conversations on Facebook. Popular community events associated with these days, including Melbourne’s annual Carols By Candlelight concert and New Year’s Eve fireworks displays, also generated significant discussion.

German supermarket EDEKA’s powerful Christmas video won the hearts of older women in Australia as it went viral around the world in early December. Its poignant story resonated across cultures and shared an important message for the Holiday season, making EDEKA one of the most-talked-about brands this month.

After months of excitement and speculation, the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December saw conversation spike about the iconic movie series, especially among men. Interest was fueled by a special event at the Sydney Opera House a week before its premiere, where thousands of fans eagerly welcomed actor Harrison Ford to Australia. IMAX was also frequently referenced, as fans rushed to see the blockbuster on the biggest screen possible.

When it came to the unexpected, the Miss Universe live television blunder intrigued a predominantly female audience, as did KitKat’s clever social media response to the news that One Direction would be taking a “break” in 2016. Footage that surfaced of surfing world champion Kelly Slater’s man-made wave excited a largely male audience, inspiring some to trawl the internet in hope of finding its secret location.

Elton John’s and Ed Sheeran’s concerts wooed older and younger women respectively, while Oprah Winfrey’s Australian tour also generated discussion among women on Facebook.

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