Raising the Bar: The New Millennial CPG Shopper

From leaving the nest to getting that first job, finding “the one” or having a baby, no generation is moving as swiftly through critical life stages as Millennials.

Facebook IQ_Raising the Bar The New Millennial CPG Shopper_US_12.15

Each life-defining milestone presents new experiences—like learning to do their own laundry, stocking up on paper products or buying their first box of diapers—that create points of entry for consumer packaged goods (CPG) that are new to Millennials (18–34-year-olds) but perhaps not new to the market.

To uncover how life stages are impacting new paths to CPG discovery, Facebook commissioned Nielsen to conduct a behavioral and attitudinal survey of adults within their Homescan panel in the US, exploring purchasing behavior across 20 key CPG categories. Then, using custom fusion methodology, Nielsen was able to link the survey responses to their TV media and digital panels to explore everything from discovery, trial and purchasing of CPG products to media behaviors across TV, desktop and mobile.


Facebook IQ_Raising the Bar The New Millennial CPG Shopper_US_12.15


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Source: “Path to Purchase” by Nielsen, US only (study of adults commissioned by Facebook), Aug 2015. Ethnic identity based on Nielsen’s panel self-identification.