Portraits of Women on Facebook in Thailand

“Mook,” “Khing” and “Gop” in Thai translate, respectively, to pearl, ginger and frog. These words could also refer to 3 women in Thailand. Many Thai parents’ first gift to their child is a nickname, which can follow that child through adulthood.

Mobile is as ubiquitous as nicknames in Thailand, where 8 in 10 women connect to the Internet on a smartphone (and only 5 out of 10 women connect via a desktop computer).1 Indeed, in a recent survey we found that 81% of women ages 18–45 in Thailand say they cannot live without their mobile devices and 93% say it is the last thing they check before going to sleep.

Commonalities don’t stop there. In a study of women that Facebook IQ commissioned TNS to conduct in Thailand, we found that women in different life stages use Facebook to express themselves and connect with what is important to them.

Check out our infographic below to learn how women’s priorities shift as they enter new life stages and what it all means for marketers.


1 “Devices Used by Internet Users in Thailand, by Demographic” by eMarketer, May 2015.
Source unless otherwise specified: “Women Moments in Life Study” by TNS (a Facebook-commissioned study of 1,201 women ages 18–45 at defined life stages who use the Internet, own at least an advanced feature phone, smartphone, tablet or personal laptop or desktop and use Facebook at least once per month in Thailand), Sep 2015.