Hot Topics: Canada November 2015

Canada’s November Hot Topics reveal a unique interest in being entertained, whether it be through music, pop culture, games or holiday celebrations.


Older women were especially interested in upcoming awards and songs. While younger females were perhaps more interested in the dress Jennifer Lopez wore at the AMAs, women in general drove conversation about the American Music Awards, which aired on November 22.

“Infestation: Survivor Stories,” a PVP game, triggered talk amongst younger men as “Infestation: New Z” was officially released. Younger men also raged about Golden State Warriors’ flawless track record after the Raptors lost to them mid-November.

Women paid homage to festivals from different cultures, as many went on Facebook to talk about Diwali and find ideas for Christmas festivities. Men and women also looked to their southern neighbor, the US, as they buzzed with excitement for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Brands can take advantage of the multiculturalism prevalent in Canada to connect with people from all generations.