Hot Topics: Australia November 2015

November was a time for celebration and mourning, remembrance and hope as Australians used Facebook to reflect and share messages of support during key events and holidays in November.


Following the tragic Paris attacks on November 13, Australians united with the international Facebook community to share posts and discuss the news with friends and loved ones. On November 11, older men and women marked Remembrance Day, paying tribute to Australians who had died or suffered in wars and armed conflicts.

Thanksgiving provided another moment for reflection, when older women in particular gave thanks and celebrated the American holiday. The following day, Black Friday, captured the attention of a slightly younger audience, as savvy shoppers went online to take advantage of sales from international retailers. Both of these topics reflect the growing popularity of American traditions among Australians, with Halloween being the most-talked-about topic in October.

Australians also used Facebook to recognise another international holiday in November, sharing wishes for a happy Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. And with the excitement of the Holiday Season well and truly upon us, Christmas was one of the most-discussed topics of the month.

Most brands will have planned their Christmas creative but should keep an eye out for opportunities to proactively join the conversation with ad-hoc content. As this edition of Hot Topics shows, holidays and events resonate strongly among people on Facebook and provide the opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences on a more personal level.

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