Hot Topics: United Kingdom October 2015

As the UK prepared to collectively wind its clocks back an hour, signaling the beginning of those long winter nights, many conversations turned to cheerier subjects to keep spirits high.


Halloween was the month’s most popular topic, particularly amongst younger women, as people turned to Facebook to share costume ideas and make plans to socialise. As covered in a recent Facebook insights post, such events give brands an opportunity to join the conversation and help their customers enjoy the celebrations.

The hottest topic in entertainment was “Back to the Future” Day, October 21: the date depicted in the classic 1989 Michael J. Fox movie. The accuracy of the film’s predictions was debated by many 30-somethings, who fondly remembered the movie from their childhoods. Such nostalgia, whereby everything old is new again, is a recurring theme and—as Toyota’s and Nike’s activities on “Back to the Future” Day demonstrated—gives marketers an opportunity to connect with people around popular stories and icons of yesteryear.

In other news, older men and women discussed the House of Lords’ decision to oppose the government’s push to abolish tax credits while younger women discussed Tesco’s new price-matching scheme.

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