Hot Topics: Canada October 2015

October’s Hot Topics in Canada captured the gender divide in interests amongst all generations.



Women drove conversation around festivals and holidays, with younger women celebrating Halloween and older women celebrating Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, existing products that explore the digital space, such as Napster, Movistar and Deezer, reached men on Facebook by partnering with artists and music festivals.

Departing from what we have seen in Hot Topics month over month, women, rather than only men, were excited about the baseball teams, especially the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers, that played the Toronto Blue Jays in the playoffs. Surprisingly, the Blue Jays themselves did not create a buzz during the playoffs, as fans drove conversation about the competitors.

The younger generation focused on entertainment—a common trend seen in past months. Younger women discovered “Hello,” the new song by Adele, and younger men discussed Star Wars as the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer was released to the public.

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