Hot Topics: Australia October 2015

Key moments in October captured the imagination of Australians on Facebook, providing brands with the chance to join the conversation about the characters, fears and dreams of the past, present and future.



Halloween was the single most-talked-about topic this month as people, especially women, embraced the fun and frivolity of the holiday.

October 21, 2015, marked a significant milestone for fans, especially men, of the science fiction “Back to the Future” trilogy. The 1989 film excited both old and new fans, who reminisced about the predictions it had made for the date Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled to in the future. Brands, organisations and public figures also joined the conversation, tapping into the excitement on Facebook to build rapport with their audiences.

Nostalgia featured across the Entertainment category this month, with older Australian women bopping along at concerts of long-time artists Robbie Williams and Fleetwood Mac. News of a “Gilmore Girls” revival excited women of all ages, while MAC Cosmetics captured the attention of younger women through its partnership with pop sensation Ariana Grande.

It was mostly men who talked about the Rugby World Cup in the lead-up to the final on November 1. Australia’s team the Wallabies drew conversations among a slightly older audience than the audience who discussed the New Zealand All Blacks, showing the influence that age and gender can play on patriotism in sport.

October’s Hot Topics showed that with the right planning for key moments and creative content, brands can more effectively reach and engage with audiences that matter. Check out Hot Topics from Facebook IQ every month to gain a deeper understanding of your target audiences, develop more relevant creative and plan media more effectively.