Hot Topics: United Kingdom September 2015

The onset of autumn saw temperatures cooling and conversations heating up, with chatter in September strongly reflecting generational and gender divides.




Older men chatted about Pope Francis’s visit to the White House, while conversations about Putin’s frosty meeting with Obama had a strong male skew. Boxer Tyson Fury’s mock-performance as Batman caught the attention of an even more skewed audience of younger males.

Women’s conversations, meanwhile, focused on the shortage of top female jobs in the shadow cabinet, Angelina Jolie’s House of Lords speech about sexual violence in war zones and more controversial comments by journalist Katie Hopkins.

Entertainment conversations were even more polarising. Older women celebrated the reunion of ’70s Scottish boy band The Bay City Rollers, while their younger sisters enjoyed mash-up videos and duets of pop hits “Uptown Funk” and “Drunk in Love.” Men ignored these subjects altogether and continued to enthuse about Star Wars, as well as Cassetteboy’s humorous remixes of news content.

Brands and products were one area of common ground, with an even mix of men and women, old and young, discussing the new iPhone and Uber’s legal challenges in the UK. But, perhaps surprisingly, it was mainly women who had something to say about Bugatti’s ceasing of production of its Veyron performance car. This might serve as a reminder that generalisations about gender and age will always have their limitations and that a deep understanding of specific target audiences is essential to every marketer.

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