Hot Topics: Australia September 2015

Public figures were the starting point of many conversations on Facebook across Australia in September.




The Pope was the single most-discussed topic on Facebook. His speech about the importance of family, which followed an engaged Australian couple’s testimonial about struggling with chastity, resonated particularly with older people on Facebook.

The shocking murder of Tara Brown prompted TV host Lisa Wilkinson to call on Tony Abbott to take stronger action on domestic violence in Australia, sparking a national debate on Facebook, especially among women. Tony Abbott was at the centre of conversations on Facebook when he was ousted as prime minister by Malcolm Turnbull mid-September. Australians expressed shock at Abbott’s sudden departure and discussed Turnbull’s plans for change.

Aussie men contemplated the idea of Kanye West becoming America’s next president and were excited by the prospect of finding life on Mars when the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovered water on the red planet.

Women showed a passion for music in September. They raved about “X Factor” contestant Gazele’s rendition of “Uptown Funk” and were moved by the online premiere of “Gurrumul” and Paul Kelly’s breathtaking rendition of “Amazing Grace” on Rolling Stone Australia’s website, with mentions on Facebook peaking.

Apple’s hotly anticipated iPhone unveiling and subsequent sale sparked excitement on Facebook. Woolworths found a legion of new devotees with its response to a cheeky Facebook post, in which a shopper showed a photo of himself struggling to open a spaghetti packet and accompanied his photo with a parody of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” Woolworths’s reply played on the Eminem theme and got people, especially men, talking about the brand on Facebook.

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