Hot Topics: United Kingdom August 2015

August in the UK saw summer drawing to an end, bringing with it a diverse range of discussion topics on Facebook.




One topic especially stood out: the passing of a much-loved national treasure, the entertainer Cilla Black. Probably best-known as the host of the iconic TV show “Blind Date,” Black was foremost in the minds of older women during August.

Men and women alike mourned the passing of George Cole, best known as Arthur Daley in the comedy-drama show “Minder,” and Stephen Lewis, who played Inspector Cyril “Blakey” Blake in the sitcom “On The Buses.”

As we have seen in recent months, sports conversations, mostly about football, were male-dominated in August. Males led the brand and product conversations, too, while women dominated discussions about news events, such as the Perseids meteor shower, the GCSE exam results and the Brighton Pride festival. The horrific airshow disaster at Shoreham in West Sussex figured equally in the conversations of both sexes.

Street artist Banksy’s “bemusement park” Dismaland—and the near-impossibility of securing tickets to it—drew particular attention from women, while younger females buzzed about Taylor Swift’s duet with Lisa Kudrow of the classic “Friends”’ song “Smelly Cat.”

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