Hot Topics: Canada August 2015

The end of summer brought buzz across a wide range of topics for Canadians on Facebook.




Speculation and interest in politics was at the top of the list this month, with older men leading the conversation on Donald Trump, the kickoff to Canada’s national election and Senator Mike Duffy’s “questionable expense claims.” Canadians on Facebook talked the most about Donald Trump in August, commenting on his rapid, unexpected rise within the Republican Party in the US.

Entertainment topics were also top of mind for younger males—Marvel’s “Deadpool,” Darth Vader, Drake’s OVO Sound record label and the film “Straight Outta Compton” dominated conversations on Facebook.

Technology brands triggered discussions equally for men and women throughout the month, led by Apple and the iPhone 6. As a result of it disrupting the taxi industry and because it was potentially facing government regulations, Uber was also a Hot Topic on Facebook. Ashley Madison, and its global data breach, topped the list of brand-related conversations.

Younger men continued to drive the sports conversations in Canada, focusing on the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators and UEFA Champions League.

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