Hot Topics: Australia August 2015

On Facebook in August, Australians were inspired by new and disruptive ideas—from the newest technology to food concoctions, a dystopian art exhibition and one of the world’s largest synchronised band performances.



Anticipation on Facebook intensified ahead of Apple’s September iPhone announcement, but Android was the most-talked-about product among Australians.

Hot on Android’s heels was Aussie food favourite, Nutella. Younger women in particular marveled at how a Sydney café used Nutella in a doughnut-milkshake creation. Demonstrating the power of images to captivate and create a community of fans, the Internet was a flurry with people sharing images of the Tella Ball shake, which drove people in store to try out the tantalising treat.

Younger men buzzed about upcoming films, including “Deadpool” and “Straight Outta Compton,” while both genders rocked out to 1,000 Italian musicians simultaneously playing a cover of the Foo Fighters’ song “Learn to Fly.”

Older women mourned the passing of British singer and TV personality Cilla Black while also paying tribute to Australian racehorse trainer Bart Cummings. Meanwhile, Bronwyn Bishop’s resignation as Speaker of the House in August was high on the Australian news agenda for older men and women alike, leading to her topping conversations on Facebook. AFL player Adam Goodes was also frequently in the media and regularly discussed, while news of Banksy’s Dismaland in the UK had younger women looking overseas.

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