Hot Topics: United Kingdom July 2015

Every July, the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships dominate British conversations. And this year, the chatter on Facebook showed things were no different, particularly amongst women.

With a few exceptions, including a shared excitement in the new Apple Watch, there were significant differences across genders and ages in most other areas of interest. Older men pondered how 30 years could possibly have passed since the first Live Aid, while younger men debated the relative merits of costumes on display at the San Diego Comic-Con and in the “Suicide Squad” trailer. Meanwhile, older women buzzed about James Corden, who has proven remarkably popular as the new host of “The Late Late Show.”

A number of much-loved celebrities sadly passed away in July, and again the conversations differed between the sexes. For women, particularly those of advancing years, Irish crooner Val Doonican, actor Omar Sharif and British Holocaust hero Nicholas Winton were mourned. The passing of French Formula 1 driver Jules Bianchi, after a coma following a crash at last year’s Japanese Grand Prix, received attention from younger men on Facebook.

The inspiring maiden speech in the House of Commons by Mhairi Black, the youngest elected MP in modern times, was another Hot Topic amongst women. Male chatter, meanwhile, focused on the likelihood and implications of a “Grexit” from the Eurozone and the potential existence of little green men, with the discovery of potentially life-supporting planets by NASA’s Kepler mission.

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