Hot Topics: July 2015

July’s Hot Topics in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US captured older generations remembering the past and younger generations reveling in the present. Older men turned to Facebook to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Live Aid, the concert that originally took place in the UK and the US to raise funds for and awareness of famine in Africa in 1985. And older women went on Facebook to discuss talk-show host and comedian James Corden, who was a Hot Topic in July for 2 segments featured on “The Late Late Show”: “Carpool Karaoke” with Rod Stewart and A$AP Rocky and a surprise re-enactment of the music video for Paula Abdul’s song “Opposites Attract.”

Meanwhile, younger men in each country buzzed about something so fresh and current that it literally melts if not eaten or frozen: ice cream. This demographic tuned in as Uber ran a promotion during which it delivered frozen treats on demand to people in 252 cities across 57 countries worldwide on July 24. As younger men focused on Uber, younger women across Australia, Canada, the UK and the US kept their eyes on digital and TV screens out of excitement about the July 23 release of the trailer for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2,” due in theaters in the fall.

July’s Hot Topics demonstrates that marketers who know how to stir up fond memories from the past may find renewed interest among the older generations. And to resonate with Millennials, marketers can keep their finger on the pulse of what’s new and what’s next—activating against the dates, events and topics that demonstrate their brand is culturally relevant.

In the US

From expressing awe about space and science to celebrating beloved fictional characters, many people in the US in July buzzed on Facebook about topics that are from this world and others.

What’s that in the sky? Older men and women want to know. Is it Pluto? Venus? Younger people think Kepler has the answer. News of NASA’s planet-hunting telescope discovering an exoplanet described by scientists as Earth’s bigger and older cousin drove conversations primarily amongst younger men.
Younger men and women also paid homage to their favorite TV, movie and comic book characters, as many went on Facebook to discuss Comic-Con and related topics. The world-renowned convention took place in San Diego from July 9–12 and drew interest from younger men across the country. At the same time, younger women buzzed about a potential reboot of “Xena: Princess Warrior” when Lucy Lawless announced during Comic-Con that she was pitching a revival of the show (only to announce several weeks later that rumors about a reboot were just that—rumors).
Although many people in the US embraced stories about other worlds, serious thoughts were also top of mind on Facebook. This was especially true for older men, who focused on a halted New York Stock Exchange and the Little Ice Age, which scientists say could plunge the world into ice in the next 15 years as solar activity declines. Buzz about space and fictional characters suggests that the topics that capture people’s attention as kids stay with them as lifelong passions. Brands can take advantage of the wide-eyed wonder that exists for what lies beyond this world, whether rooted in science or in fiction, and connect with people from all generations through these topics. Discover more insights about what mattered to people during the month of July in the charts below, and check out Hot Topics from Facebook IQ every month to gain a deeper understanding of your target audiences, develop more relevant creative and plan media more effectively.



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