Hot Topics: Australia July 2015

Science and technology captivated Australians on Facebook throughout July, with people also using the platform to pay tribute to and show support for public figures, particularly sportspeople.

Aussies were starstruck by NASA’s discovery of the Earth-like planet Kepler-452b, while conversations among women surfaced about Venus and Jupiter’s close alignment in the night sky. The New Horizons space probe’s encounter with Pluto was of particular interest to older men.

People paid close attention to news stories overseas, especially stories about the Greek debt crisis in July. Greece was the third most-talked-about topic for the month, with people sharing updates on new developments as they happened.

Technology brands generated considerable excitement among Australians on Facebook. Younger men and women shared their enthusiasm for Uber’s ice cream delivery promotion that ran across the country. Both genders also talked about the launch of Apple Music, while Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade captured the attention of a predominantly male audience.

Adam Goodes was the single most-talked-about person, with both men and women expressing their views about the embattled Sydney Swans player. People rallied behind Australian NRL player Cameron Smith, following media coverage of the 2014 tackle that left fellow sportsman Alex McKinnon paralysed. Tributes poured in following the tragic death of Adelaide AFL coach Phil Walsh, while older women mourned the passing of actor Omar Sharif, famous for his roles in “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zhivago.”

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