Hot Topics: June 2015

June’s Hot Topics shows that holidays, events and public figures have the power to unite people around the world. In Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, men and women alike went on Facebook to celebrate the month-long holiday of Ramadan. They also gathered online to memorialize British actor Christopher Lee, famous for his roles as “The Lord of the Rings” character Saruman and “Star Wars” character Count Dooku, upon his passing at age 93. And men and women in each country expressed admiration for Foo Fighters’ lead singer Dave Grohl, who stayed on stage at a concert in Sweden after breaking his leg.

In the Northern Hemisphere, people also celebrated Pride month, which coincided with the historic US Supreme Court decision that granted the right to marry to people in every US state. Such celebrations continued on amidst conversations of a mass extinction of animal and plant species from Earth, as people in Canada, the UK and the US discussed Holocene extinction.

Marketers who keep a pulse on current events can develop activations and content that strengthen their connections to the people who matter to their brand. After all, the topics that unite people around the world often present opportunities for people to unite with brands.

In the US …

Taking a closer look at the US, we see that sports captured the interest of men and women in different ways. Basketball, especially the NBA Finals, was of interest to younger men, while older men focused on the Major League Baseball draft. Men also went on Facebook to salute “The American Dream,” aka WWE wrestler Dusty Rhodes, after he passed at age 69 on June 11.

Meanwhile, older women were excited about the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, the ESPYs award that will be given to Caitlyn Jenner on July 15. Older women also showed interest in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which culminated in a US win on July 5.

Turning to brands and products, we saw that younger men drove the conversation about the E3 announcement of the remake of Final Fantasy VII, a role-playing game for Playstation 4, revealing once again the appeal of retro products for Millennials.

General Mills was also one of the most-discussed brands in June. Many Americans, especially older women, praised the company after its announcement that it will remove all artificial ingredients from its foods. For marketers, this serves as an inspiring reminder of how product innovation and transparent communication can generate a positive stir.

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