Hot Topics: UK May 2015

May is a bittersweet month for many on Facebook in the UK: the start of summer but the end of the football season, so perhaps it’s no surprise that a sense of playful nostalgia prevailed amongst the month’s Hot Topics.

Steven Gerrard’s final few games for Liverpool FC after 16 years of service provoked an outpouring of emotion (mostly tears, mostly from men), while the temporary return of “Fun House” had women on Facebook wistfully remembering blond-locked game show presenter Pat Sharp.

But it was Star Wars Day that really got the nostalgia going, with men and women on Facebook equally likely to be posting about their favourite science-fiction trilogy on May the Fourth—the designated day for fans around the world to share their feelings about the film. In fact, Star Wars day was an even more popular topic of conversation than Mother’s Day and, perhaps less surprisingly, World Turtle Day.

There were more serious topics, too, especially amongst older women. This demographic was particularly interested in the promotion of Conservative MP Michael Gove to Justice Secretary; while older men were focused on the emerging allegations against ex-FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

May’s Hot Topics reveal that, whether it’s serious or throwaway, Facebook continues to be the place where people share and discuss the things that matter to them.

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