Hot Topics: May 2015

May was a month of celebration on Facebook in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. The festivities kicked off on May 1 with May Day, the celebration of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and continued to build from there.

By May the Fourth, the “force” was strong with Facebookers around the world as they unleashed enthusiasm for Star Wars Day. And a different kind of force was at play on the first Saturday of the month as older women in Australia, the UK and the US buzzed about World Naked Gardening Day. Women in all 4 countries also drove the conversation around World Turtle Day on May 23. But it was Mother’s Day that really brought people (mostly women) around the world together in celebration of the mothers (and the many mother figures) in their lives.

For marketers, May was a wonderful reminder that people around the world find no shortage of reasons to celebrate—and that brands always have an opportunity to champion the celebration.


In the US …

People on Facebook in the US celebrated not only the international holidays of the month but also the everyday moments that happened closer to home. After speculation built in April about the destiny of former Oregon Duck quarterback Marcus Mariota in the NFL draft, the conversation continued in May as men talked about what it meant for him to be drafted by the Tennessee Titans as the #2 pick. Women were more interested in the Met Gala, especially the fashion seen on the annual event’s red carpet in New York.

Women were also interested in whether Harriet Tubman, a celebrated female abolitionist during the Civil War, could become the first woman on paper money in the US. And older women were excited about the dust Halley’s Comet left behind many years ago, continuing the trend of American interest in topics related to space. Meanwhile, younger men drove the conversation about the remake of the 1991 surfer film “Point Break.”

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