Hot Topics: Canada May 2015

The month of May was packed with energy. Love poured for Mother’s Day, and excitement buzzed over “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and the upcoming PanAm games.

Both men and women drove the conversation about the PanAm games, and that buzz will likely continue to climb through June as hype increases and tickets begin to sell out. Unlike April’s male-driven conversation of Star Wars, May saw an almost perfect split between younger men and women celebrating Star Wars Day. The other 2 big-topic holidays were more female-driven: Victoria Day, the public holiday in honor of Queen Victoria, generated chatter of fireworks and festivities while Mother’s Day had a huge peak. Overall, Mother’s Day was the biggest topic for the month of May, highlighting the effectiveness of timely brand association to connect with relevant audiences.

“The Avengers: Age of Ultron” gained a lot of attention among younger audiences, with a slight lean towards males. For other features, the attention of young people was split: “Pitch Perfect 2” was female-driven while “Suicide Squad” was male-driven.

Hockey, as always, was a Hot Topic in Canada. Conversation was dominated by Mike Babcock’s introduction as the new Maple Leafs coach.

Older men and women recalled their top moments of the “Late Show” after David Letterman retired and passed the show on to Stephen Colbert. Around the same time, older women gave their respects and admiration to Anne Meara upon her passing.

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