Hot Topics: Australia May 2015

May was a time for Aussies to celebrate inspirational people and their stellar work. From loving mothers to comedian David Letterman and Star Wars character Luke Skywalker, Aussies turned to Facebook to share memories of and admiration for unique individuals who’ve impacted their lives.

Aussie men expressed admiration for acclaimed inventor Elon Musk following Tesla’s announcement of large batteries that enable homeowners to tap into solar power to store electricity. Aussie men also joined the worldwide send-off of talk show stalwart David Letterman as he ended his 33-year run as host of CBS’s “Late Show.” And younger Aussie men buzzed about a new trailer for “Point Break,” a remake of the 1991 film.

For women, Million Paws Walk was a hot topic in May. Tens of thousands attended the RSPCA fundraising event, which was Australia’s largest dog walk, to fight animal cruelty and provide care for shelter animals. Channing Tatum’s newest movie “Magic Mike XXL” also sparked buzz as female fans anticipated the star slipping back into his role of male exotic dancer in the sequel.

Jedis and lightsabers were front and centre as Aussies celebrated Star Wars Day on 4 May. Aussie fans relived their favourite moments from the classic science fiction flick with memes, movie stills and a renewed appreciation for all things Star Wars.

Among both men and women, Facebook conversations peaked on the topic of Australian minister Barnaby Joyce, as Aussies heatedly debated Joyce’s warning for Johnny Depp to remove his dogs from the country.

Mother’s Day was the single most-discussed topic in Australia, continuing its yearly trend of inspiring Facebook conversations. People expressed their appreciation for mother figures with throwback images, gift ideas and simple notes of thanks, signaling a great chance for brands to join the conversation to share in gratitude for mums and offer unique gift ideas.

The Anzac Test rugby league game drove conversations among both men and women in Australia. Bad weather that led to a postponed game didn’t affect fan discussions on Facebook about the Kiwis, who managed to edge out the Aussies. Melbourne City FC’s matches were also widely discussed by Aussie males.

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