Facebook IQ Entertainment Discovery

Deconstructing Discovery: A Closer Look at Entertainment

Entertainment discovery is no longer limited to the screens where we consume content—it’s expanding to the screens where we spend our time. In an exploration of how people discover new TV shows, movies and music, Facebook commissioned Millward Brown Digital to conduct a study on entertainment discovery.

Findings show that discovery is happening online. In fact, many people, especially Millennials, discover content on digital only. Why digital? It provides more access to content and helps people find the most up-to-date information about new sources of entertainment.

As discovery is moving to digital, people are turning to Facebook to learn about content relevant to their interests. Our research shows that Facebook is a leader in discovery by a factor of 2:1 when compared to other online sources of content.

Check out the infographic below to see our other findings, and read on to discover what it all means for entertainment marketers.


Facebook Entertainment discovery infographic


What it means for marketers

Be at the center of discovery: Digital sources of discovery have become as important as (and for some forms of entertainment content more important than) other sources of discovery. For marketers, that means it’s no longer an “either/or” world when it comes to discovery (i.e., either TV or online), it’s a “both/and” world (i.e., both TV and online). And online will increasingly mean mobile, with more entertainment content being consumed on mobile devices. Harness the power of discovery on digital screens to drive more consumption.

Drive value with video: Video is a powerful tool in engaging people online in the discovery of new entertainment content. Entertainment brands should leverage their most compelling asset, video, to capture people’s attention and convince them to watch a new TV show, listen to a new artist or see a film they had not previously known about.

Extend reach: As people’s media consumption habits shift, brands have an opportunity to amplify messages across multiple platforms. Digital can extend the reach offered by TV and radio—delivering an incremental audience that can’t be found through traditional channels and driving deeper engagement. This strategy is especially useful in reaching Millennials, some of whom discover entertainment content online only.


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Source: “Entertainment Discovery Study” by Millward Brown Digital, Jan 2015 (study of US adults commissioned by Facebook). Entertainment for the purposes of this infographic includes movies, TV shows and music.