Hot Topics: April 2015

April was more than a time for jokes—it was a time to remember the past and celebrate the future. As we saw in March’s Hot Topics, the connections that people have to the characters, artists and franchises of their youth often live across time. And in April, new developments on fond memories sparked many of the month’s most-discussed topics.

In the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, people expressed concern around the hospitalization of Joni Mitchell, a Canadian singer-songwriter most popular in the 1970s. In Canada and the US, people shared memories of “Dukes of Hazzard” actor James Best following his passing and shared in excitement about the revival of the popular ’80s and ’90s TV series “Full House.” And in all of the countries, both the MTV Movie Awards (airing since 1992) and “Furious 7” (part of a 14-year-old franchise) were hot topics for Millennials. For marketers, this highlights the opportunity to revive passions from the past in contemporary and relevant ways.

Young people in all 4 countries buzzed when Hyperkin announced a new device that would turn an iPhone into a Game Boy. Skepticism about an April Fools’ Day prank turned to delight when the company followed up with plans to turn its “joke” (what it described as “market testing”) into reality. Brands can leverage the timeliness of days like April 1 to generate buzz and connect with the people who matter to them.

In the US, the UK and Canada, April Fools’ Day caught the attention of women and men alike. But women drove the conversation around other holidays across the 4 countries: Siblings Day, Easter, Holy Week (in Canada), Passover (in the US and the UK) and Anzac Day (in Australia).

For men across all 4 countries, the conversation peaked around sports: hockey in Canada, football (soccer) in the UK and Australia, and American football players in the US.

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