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Hot Topics: March 2015

The most-discussed topics on Facebook in the US during the month of March reveal a childlike sense of wonder across audiences. From what we studied in science class to the stories we shared on the playground, many topics that resurfaced did so as the mature versions of the subjects that mesmerized us as children.

Space was a hot topic for men and women in March. While men were more interested in the discovery of an ocean on Ganymede and the NASA spacecraft orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres, older women drove the conversation about the solar eclipse on March 20.

The modern film adaptations of “Cinderella,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Avengers” also caught people’s attention in March. Younger women discussed the 2 fairytales at length, and younger men showed an interest in the remake of the popular comic book series.

In addition to the new “Avengers” movie, men ages 18-34 also talked about dinosaurs, but not exactly because the creatures roamed the Earth a long time ago. Of interest in March was a character from the TV show “Dinosaurs” singing a ’90s hip hop song by Notorious B.I.G.

The increase in discussion around space and popular stories and icons from our childhoods indicates a lifelong passion in these topics that marketers can connect with while respecting the maturity of the people who matter to their brands.

March’s Hot Topics is designed to provide insight into not only the topics that people talked about but also when people talked about those topics. In the top chart, you can see which topics people discussed and where along the age and gender divides those topics fell. In the bottom chart, you can see how the topics in each category trended during the month while comparing intracategory trends between demographics.

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Facebook IQ March 2015 Hot Topics


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