On Awards Night, the Real Winner Is Video

The biggest night in Hollywood was bigger than ever on Facebook this year. As 21 million people worldwide—86% more than last year—chatted about the Oscars on Facebook, they generated a record 58 million posts, likes and comments on the day of the show.

And the show lived on through video

An event of this magnitude is no one-night affair. In fact, people around the world watched more Oscar-related videos the day after the Oscars than they did on the night of the show itself. It seems that this year’s most epic afterparty was the one that took place through video and lasted for days, as people relived and shared their favorite Oscar-related moments.


oscars video on Facebook

What people were watching

From the performance that arguably stole the show to the acceptance speeches that demanded equality for all, this year’s top videos showcased the unique range of Awards Night. While the evening is always guaranteed to be entertaining and celebratory, it can also serve as a powerful platform for inciting dialogue around the deeper social issues of our time.

Most-viewed Oscar-related Facebook videos*

  1. Lady Gaga performs “Sound of Music” tribute (ABC)
  2. Meryl Streep reacts to Patricia Arquette saying “all women deserve equal pay” (Buzzfeed)
  3. Huffington Post discusses diversity at the Oscars (Huffington Post)
  4. Entertainment Tonight asks Kevin Hart a question from a Facebook fan 
(Entertainment Tonight)
  5. Clip from Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech: “wage equality and equal rights for 
women” (Mashable)
  6. Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick and Jack Black perform the opening number at the 2015 
Oscars (ABC)
  7. John Legend and Common’s acceptance speech (ABC)
  8. New “Once Upon a Time” promo (debuted at the Oscars) (ABC)
  9. Full version of Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech (The Academy)
  10. Ellen DeGeneres shows what happened when she sent her writers to the Oscars (The Ellen DeGeneres Show)
* Facebook internal data, Feb 22–23, 2015, US Only.

How brands can seize the moment

Surround the show with video: Brands in all categories have the potential to connect with people by extending award show excitement online. Video can be a powerful tool for entertaining and engaging people as they look to relive their favorite moments both during and after the event. Following ABC’s lead in debuting the “Once Upon a Time” teaser on Awards Night, brands can also release new content around relevant tentpole events, making a splash that will ripple across channels and time.


Note 1: Source: Facebook internal data based on aggregate stated and inferred data for Feb 2015 (accessed Feb 2015).