Mother's Day on Facebook 2015

Modernizing Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always on the move. This year it will take place on March 15 in the UK; on May 10 in Australia, Singapore and the US; and on May 31 in France and Sweden. Next year those dates will change—but it’s not just about the dates. The way we celebrate Mother’s Day may be the most significant shift of all.

Many of us can picture how things used to be. Mom would get a handwritten Mother’s Day card, probably at home or in another private setting. But nowadays, as personal postal mail becomes increasingly rare, more people are honoring Mom with a bolder, more public and near-instant declaration of love—for example, on Facebook.

By posting, people are also inviting friends and relatives to join the lovefest, often igniting a much larger celebration of Mom that unfolds in real-time and crosses state lines, time zones and generations.

When it comes to gift giving, it’s not just for kids either. The range of people giving Mother’s Day gifts in the US is expansive—with many people buying for grandmothers, godmothers and the other mother figures in their lives.

But what about the gifts themselves? Figuring mother knows best, we conducted a poll to find out what would make Mom happiest.

Check out our infographic below for the intriguing results and other findings that may change the way you think about Mother’s Day.

 Facebook IQ Mother's Day Infographic 2015

Download the PDF here.

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