Facebook IQ Hot Topics January

Hot Topics: January 2015

Every day, events unfold, teams rise (or fall), celebrities stun and new products delight—and we witness it in News Feed.

January 2015 showcased the diverse ways the 141 million people who use Facebook daily in the United States are entertained. “American Sniper” and the ramp up to the Super Bowl seemed to be on everyone’s minds. The unfortunate treadmill trip-up of “Price is Right” host George Gray became an unexpected viral sensation, gaining the show the interest of audiences well outside its traditional demographic. And men ages 18–34 discussed PlayStation 4 while their female counterparts were more interested in Nutella, as a French court ruled that a couple was not allowed to name their daughter after the delectable hazelnut spread.

Read on to discover what other topics were discussed across the ages and genders on Facebook in January.



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