oscars on facebook infographic

Reliving Awards Night

It’s the biggest night in Hollywood: Between the Red Carpet snafus, the star-studded performances, the stirring acceptance speeches and the late-night spoofs, there are always a few epic moments that end up stealing the show.

On awards night last year, as people on Facebook relived many of these moments through video, they produced a 30% spike in total video uploads and shares compared to the daily average. And the next day, the video-viewing frenzy continued to build, as people on Facebook uploaded and shared 18% more Oscar-related videos than they did the night before.

To get a better picture of how people relived their favorite moments on Facebook, turning the awards into an extended feature, check out the infographic below.

oscars on facebook infographic

Download the PDF version here.


 Source: Facebook internal data based on stated and inferred data for Mar 2014 (accessed Sep 2014).