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Digital Diversity: A Closer Look at US Hispanics

For US Hispanics, digital platforms are often used as a destination to foster and sustain connections with family and friends, plus a place to celebrate and express diverse aspects in life.

To better help marketers, Facebook commissioned IPSOS MediaCT to understand the roles culture and technology play in how US Hispanics communicate and consume media.

Living digital

Technology has become integral to how US Hispanics connect with immediate and extended family, friends and culture.

I use my phone, tablet and computer to communicate and connect to elements of my culture.” – Jannerys, a US Hispanic research participant

According to the study, Facebook is the number 1 go-to platform for US Hispanics’ communication and 71% of respondents use Facebook to connect with loved ones every day. Nearly half (48%) of US Hispanics’ Facebook friends are family members, compared to 36% for the total population, the research found.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger are also used as an alternative to calling cards to reach people both in and outside the US: 60% of US Hispanics use Facebook Messenger to talk with friends and family outside the US.

Multiple screens and mobility

For US Hispanics, mobile is the main connector to family, friends and information. US Hispanics are helping to lead the mobile revolution in the US, with 79% of respondents accessing the Internet on a mobile device.

Compared to the multicultural groups* represented in the study, at more than 6 hours a week US Hispanics spend 27% more time online on a smartphone, and 74% of US Hispanics use a mobile phone while simultaneously watching TV, versus 66% who are multiscreening between the two devices.

Brand receptive and culturally relevant

In addition to family and friends, US Hispanics are also connecting with brands. On Facebook, the research study shows that video ads and ads in News Feed are capturing 56% and 50% of US Hispanics’ interest, respectively. Among US Hispanics, Bilingual Hispanics and Spanish Dominant Hispanics are most receptive to video ads.

US Hispanic females and Bilingual Hispanics in the US are also more inclined to connect with brand content and share it with their extended networks online, with 40% sharing advertising content. Nearly half (49%) of Bilingual Hispanics believe that Facebook is a place for sharing information about media and brands with family and friends. And culturally relevant content is important, with 80% of US Hispanics on average preferring ads to incorporate Spanish messaging.

What it means for marketers

The marketing opportunity is significant: there are currently 55 million US Hispanics, accounting for 17% of the total US population1 with $1.2 trillion in purchasing power.2

To effectively reach US Hispanics, marketers’ strategies must be culturally relevant plus reflect how a mobile-savvy audience connects with friends, family and brands.

Celebrate culture: US Hispanics use technology to express and connect with what is most important to their lives. Marketers should use imagery that highlights the connectedness of the US Hispanic community through language and content.

Make mobile a priority: Mobile is a constant companion. US Hispanics spend more time online on mobile and do so while watching TV than the total population. Marketers should tailor content with mobile in mind and work to build the brands’ story across screens.

Be at the center of discovery: For US Hispanics, digital is also a place where brands can make an impact. Digital ads capture Hispanics’ attention, especially video and News Feed ads on Facebook. Marketers should bring their brand to life with video to engage this brand-receptive audience.


This is the first post of a 3-part series based on the IPSOS MediaCT study commissioned by Facebook. These posts explore how culture and digital media usage intersect for people who self-identify as African American, Asian American or US Hispanic.


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 Note 2: Source: Nielsen. “Latinas Are a Driving Force Behind Hispanic Purchasing Power in the US.” Accessed online at
*Multicultural groups refers to respondents who self-identified as African American, Asian American and US Hispanic.