Sharing summer experiences on Facebook

This Summer, Reach People on the Beach and Beyond

Like many people in North America, Jordan, a 39-year-old mother from California, will be spending less time on her laptop and in front of the TV during the summer days ahead and more time outside and on-the-move. Among the trips she has planned for her family are a visit to a big city science museum, a camping excursion to nearby mountains and a longer escape to the beaches of the Big Island of Hawaii.

But there’s one thing that will accompany Jordan everywhere this summer — her mobile phone. And like many others out enjoying the warmer weather, Jordan will use Facebook on her mobile to share photos and keep in touch, wherever she goes.

Summertime companion

When people are out and about or on vacation during the summer months, they consume media differently, making it harder for marketers to reach their audiences. While TV reach declines during the summer in the US1, on Facebook engagement and reach on mobile remain consistent, allowing marketers to connect with people no matter where they go or what they do.

During the summer, people on Facebook are engaged in conversations around increasingly popular summertime topics. In 2013, people talked about the 4th of July 27% more, travel 16% more and summer sales 27% more than 2012.2



North of the border

In Canada, the summer experience is all about long weekends, trips to the cottage and beer, and Canadians are also taking to Facebook to share their summer stories. Overall mentions of travel and Canada Day each increased by 22% in 2013 compared to the year before, while weekly chatter about beer and the lake peaked on Sundays.

Key takeaways

Here are three ways for marketers to reach people on the beach, and everywhere in between, this summer:

  • Summer Sales: Engage with people on-the-go or spending time outdoors to take advantage of your summer sales. Reach the right people with the right messages, like women 18-24 for a sale on sundresses, with targeting and audience insights.
  • Personalized Creative: Be at the center of celebrations and outdoor activities by preparing creative that responds to current events. For instance, build awareness among soccer fans by preparing creative for the big soccer event in Brazil, or tailor your message to other key summer moments like the 4th of July and weekend BBQs.
  • Vacation Time: Help people who are on vacation by informing them of shopping or activities in the city they are visiting by using the “Currently Traveling” targeting category. Influence families who are about to travel with messages about key vacation needs, including sunscreen, clothing and special offers, with the “About to Travel” category.


Find out how to reach people around the world this summer:



Note 1: “An Era of Growth: The Cross-Platform Report” by the Nielsen Company (US), Mar 2014.
Note 2: Comparison of Facebook internal data, based on stated and inferred data for May–Sep 2012 and 2013 (accessed May 2014).