Every Day Is Mothers Day

Where Every Day is Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day falls on May 11 this year and across the country people will be buying bouquets, making dinner reservations, and finding other ways to celebrate their moms. Yet every day is mother’s day on Facebook, with 27 million moms on the platform in the US, and 79% percent of them visiting almost every single day.

We recently conducted research that found that moms are among the most engaged and connected people on Facebook.1 They’re also on the go. Moms spend 1.2x more time on their mobiles than on desktop. Compared to other US women over 18, mothers on Facebook have 1.3x more friends and post 1.4x more comments and 1.3x more post updates.


Honoring mom

When it comes to those who celebrate Mother’s Day on Facebook, chatter is driven by younger age groups who turn to the News Feed to connect with friends and share ideas about the big day. Nearly half of those who talked about Mother’s Day on Facebook last year were under 34. And people posted 1.25x more photos last Mother’s Day than on other Sundays that month.

Chatter around Mother’s Day began three days before the holiday last year, and tapered off the next day. Among the most popular topics that appeared in posts: mother, sister, wife, daughter and, of course, love.

So on May 11, and every other day, make sure you’re present in News Feed, especially on mobile, so you can connect with mothers and everyone who matters to them.


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Mexico and Colombia



Note 1: Source: Facebook Internal Data based on stated and inferred data, (May 1 – 20, 2013).