Easter Around the World

Easter. Pascua. Pasko ng pagkabuhay. There are almost as many different words for Easter as there are ways of celebrating it. In honor of the upcoming holiday, we are showcasing how people around the world talk about Easter on Facebook and how it reflects their diverse traditions.1

In the United States, some of the most popular topics that appeared in posts last Easter were Easter Bunny and Love. The majority of those talking about the holiday were women, who posted 4X more than men. Easter is also a time when people are increasingly engaged in content sharing. The number of photos uploaded last Easter Sunday was 1.5X higher than other Sundays that month.



Across the pond, chocolate reigns supreme. Easter is the most popular holiday for chocolate consumption in the UK, and chocolate topped the list of most popular chatter topics last year. Nearly 70% of those posting about the holiday were between age 25 and 44, and women posted more than twice as much as men.

In Australia, the most common chatter topics included Easter Bunny and Easter egg. The holiday is also a popular time to get away Down Under, with travel a common theme in posts over Easter weekend. As in other countries, women were particularly engaged over the holiday, posting 6X more than men.



In the Philippines Easter is a time for family and religion. Holy Week is also a popular time for travel, when many urban Filipinos head for the provinces to spend quality time with their families. Younger people talk about Easter and Holy Week more than any other age group in the Philippines; more than 70% of posts last year were from people under age 35.



Easter in Argentina is also celebrated on Facebook by younger people. Nearly 60% of Easter-related posts in the Latin American country last year were from people under age 24. And many of those posting were on the move, checkins increased 1.7X last Easter Sunday compared to other Sundays that month.

Here are some ways to reach the people who matter most to you on Easter:

  • Around the world, people start talking about Easter on Facebook about a week before the holiday.
  • Easter is the perfect time to target women with family-orientated messaging in markets where the holiday is celebrated with Easter eggs and baskets.
  • In the US and the UK, you can also explore additional targeting options through partner categories. For example, there are more than 25 million people in US households that are heavy buyers of chocolate candy.2
  • In countries such as Australia and the Philippines, where the holiday is associated with travel, Easter is a great time for travel brands to advertise specials and deals.


Learn more about how Easter is celebrated around the globe:





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