Facebook Plus TV

Creating Better Media Plans Between Facebook and TV

For many people, consuming media across multiple devices and multiple channels is now the everyday norm. And for many marketers, understanding the relationships between these channels is vital knowledge for delivering the right messages to the right people.

Today, 4C, an ads and insights Preferred Marketing Developer, released new research (commissioned by Facebook) that helps marketers understand the affinity of Facebook audiences to a range of TV programs in the US and help them make relevant ad buying decisions.

Using public anonymized aggregate data from Facebook, 4C analyzed 150+ brands across five major verticals and more than 800 programs across 14 broadcast and cable television networks, and explored how to apply public Facebook data to improve television and Facebook ad decision making.

Key findings of 4C’s research include the following:

  • The research reaffirms some common media planning practices, such as placing hair care product commercials during daytime programming
  • More importantly, the analysis uncovers unexpected new connections that can help brands create more relevant marketing campaigns

For marketers, key benefits of the report include:

  • Brand managers and agency planners gain intelligent insights to best pair TV and Facebook media together
  • Media agencies can improve ad investments by enhancing the success of ad placements on Facebook in concert with TV programs
  • Broadcast networks can make programming decisions based on audience engagement and affinities, and can work with brands to place relevant advertisements both on TV and via Facebook

“In the past, many brands have had a hard time accessing and understanding behavioral data. But now our clients are able to use Facebook behavior to understand how consumers think and why they choose one brand over another,” said 4C CEO Lance Neuhauser. “By making informed decisions about their Facebook and television advertising, these companies can appeal to both their current and prospective audiences and intensify their marketing power.”


You can download the full report here.

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