Modern Loyalty: Love in a Time of Infinite Choice

They say brand loyalty is dead. They say Millennials are to blame. Or maybe constant connection is exposing people to more choices than ever before. What we do know for sure is that brand loyalty still matters.

And it’s anything but dead. Indeed, it’s actually thriving with rich opportunity for brands.

Facebook IQ surveyed 14,700 adults in the US, taking a look at the state of loyalty today in five verticals: Auto Insurance, Airlines, Hotels, Grocery and Restaurants. Read more

45up: Looking Forward to “Rewirement”

It’s 6pm in Milan and Maria is blogging about her life and passion for food before getting ready for a dance class. 397 miles away in Paris, Julien prepares to pitch a new business idea as he uploads photos of the street art he walked by on the way to a meeting. Meanwhile, on a cold and blustery day in London, Anita plots her next big adventure while messaging a friend she met at a detoxing retreat in Thailand. Read more

Putting Creative Pre-Testing to the Test

Watching TV on a laptop, streaming live video on a phone and reading news headlines on a tablet are just a few of the ways people consume media these days. And no matter the channel, marketers want ad campaigns that reach their audience and make an impact.

As advertisers continue to shift more budgets to digital, and to mobile specifically, there is a need for rigorous creative evaluation. According to an Ipsos study, creative quality determines 75% of impact as measured by brand and ad recall.1 Read more

Reach and Frequency Dynamics: Smarter Planning, Greater Impact




Facebook Marketing Science and Facebook IQ recently explored how efficient planning can move business objectives in “Reach Matters: Driving Business Results at Scale” and “Effective Frequency: Reaching Full Campaign Potential.” This research took our understanding of the value in reach and frequency planning a step further and showed how actionable planning can lead to impactful results through Facebook and Instagram’s people-based marketing and measurement.

Read more

45up: The Age of Empowerment

“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes” renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright once remarked. Growing older yet feeling younger, age is becoming just a number. With each passing year, people are showing no signs of winding down. In fact, they’re winding up — starting new businesses, (re)discovering their passions, and indulging their thirst for wanderlust. Read more

Optimizing Audience Buying on Facebook and Instagram

With 7.9 billion global mobile devices and connections, there are now more mobile devices than people in the world.1 Our phones are creating new means and platforms to reach people wherever they are. In the US, 1 in 5 mobile minutes is spent on Facebook and Instagram to connect with family, friends and the world.2 In this landscape, marketers want to understand not only the best way to plan media spend across channels but also the interests, needs and expectations of people on Facebook and Instagram. Read more

Holidays 2016: ‘Tis the Season of Surprises

We all have big dreams for the Holidays. We hope to find the perfect gift, ship a picture-perfect card and get it all done early. But it’s a season of surprises. The Holidays unfold in a variety of unexpected ways, whether it’s shopping later than planned or picking up a little something extra for ourselves. Read more

Video Interview: What Your Campaign Measurement Is Telling You

“Is my advertising working?”

The rise of digital ads was supposed to make it much easier to answer this question. Access to a wealth of data allows advertisers a clearer picture of who may be seeing their ads and how those ads may be influencing behaviors like website visits or purchases. While this data has enabled a variety of widely used approaches for measuring ad effectiveness in the industry, there has not really been a systematic examination of how well these approaches work. Read more