How Mobile Fuels the Canadian Auto Purchase Process

When it’s time to look for a new car, Canadians are increasingly steering away from dealerships and turning to their smartphones. In fact, 74% of Canadian auto shoppers use a mobile device to do their vehicle research.1*

What’s fueling this trend, and how do mobile, Facebook and Instagram drive the different stages of the auto purchase process? To find out, Facebook IQ analyzed Facebook data and commissioned Ipsos to survey 1,500 people in Canada who planned to purchase or lease a vehicle in the next year. Read more

My Show on My Schedule: How Streaming Has Changed the Game

Only a few years ago, “watching TV” meant just that: going home, turning on the TV and flipping through channels. More recently, what it means to watch TV has changed, as more and more people cut their cable subscriptions1 in favor of streaming services available across devices.2

Facebook IQ wanted to understand how people’s behaviors are changing as a result of these emerging media platforms. We explored how people on Facebook engage with and talk about their favorite content, and we conducted a survey of frequent TV watchers to understand what people want from content providers. Read more

Top 4 Topics from Facebook IQ at SXSW

Facebook IQ took the stage to share insights about everything from neuromarketing to standing out in-feed as the worlds of technology, marketing and entertainment converged in Austin for SXSW 2017.

Check out the top topics from our sessions, and explore the insights and reports that inspired them. Read more

Moving Pictures: The Persuasive Power of Video

Why is mobile video skyrocketing around the world? It may be that our eyes just can’t look away.

Through a biometric analysis of how people in the UAE and the UK consume content in their personal mobile feeds,* we discovered that people gaze 5x longer at video than at static content on Facebook and Instagram.1
Read more

How to Reach People During Back-to-School Season

From July through September, parents and children alike buzz with that one-of-a-kind Back-to-School energy. It’s a time of joy and stress—a time to make a lot of decisions. And with nearly half of parents of school-aged children in the US saying mobile devices help them make family purchases,the role of mobile in reaching people during Back-to-School season is bigger than ever.

Facebook IQ was interested in how the Back-to-School conversation has evolved since the rise of mobile, so we studied what people are saying on our platforms and how they are saying it. Read more

Score During the Big Tournament

The Division 1 college basketball postseason has been a long-time cultural phenomenon, especially in the US. But how has our ability to watch the action live on mobile changed the game for brands looking to connect with basketball fans?

Facebook IQ took a look at how the biggest moments in 2016 college basketball played out on Facebook and Instagram.

We saw that the volume of Facebook conversations around March Madness® 2016 grew 40% year over year in the US. And that conversation followed a cadence. The volume of event-related sharing on Facebook saw its highest spike during the Elite Eight round on March 27. The conversation around parties started earliest and saw the most sustained jumps throughout the tournament, while teams and action on the court dominated the overall conversation.

But it’s not just in the US that a passion for sports has taken hold. Around the world, 650 million people are connected to a sports Page on Facebook and 165 million people follow a sports account on Instagram.1

To engage this sports-loving audience, visuals on mobile matter, especially video. In fact, during the 2016 tournament, people in the US shared 1.08x the mobile photos and 1.09x the mobile videos than on surrounding dates.