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Capturing the Spirit of Summer

Thanks to mobile, even the dog days are now digital days. Over the course of Summer 2015 alone, the rate at which people in 22 countries across the Northern Hemisphere posted to Facebook on mobile jumped by 26%. What did people share? Everything from love—Summer is a peak time for adding relationships of all kinds—to road trips and running. Learn more in our recent study exploring how people are relishing and sharing the delights of Summer.

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Topics to Watch

Topics to Watch: April 2016

Facebook IQ brings you Topics to Watch, a new source of insights around topics with growing conversation volume on Facebook. Every month, Topics to Watch will highlight six topics that have experienced overall growth over the past year. From vodka variants to design inspiration, the premiere edition of Topics to Watch provides a big-picture view of each conversation and may help you uncover “the next big thing.”

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Hot Topics: United States April 2016

Whether they were teaming up to enjoy sports or coming together in mourning, people turned to Facebook and Instagram during the month of April to engage in and connect around topics of personal importance. Learn about the topics that inspired conversation across Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, including family-focused holidays, season premieres of TV shows and more.

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