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Putting Creative Pre-Testing to the Test

Marketers invest heavily in developing creative concepts to stand out, but it's hard to predict how these concepts will perform. We worked with Frito-Lay to determine the effectiveness of creative pre-testing for video ads. Discover the results and learn three ways to ensure your new creative flavor appeals to your audience before it goes live.

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Reach and Frequency Dynamics: Smarter Planning, Greater Impact

Through recent Facebook IQ research, we found that reach matters in driving business results at scale and effective frequency is required to capture the most potential campaign impact. In this Q&A with the Facebook Marketing Science researchers behind each research piece, we discuss our findings from both papers on large brand advertiser studies, relate them to each other and discuss how advertisers should be thinking of effective reach and frequency planning on digital.

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Weddings: From Hashtags to Honeymoons

Weddings have long been a cause for celebration, as friends and families gather to bear witness to the power of love. Explore how people in France, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Arab Emirates and the UK are adding digital twists to classic wedding traditions and how marketers can reach people on their path to “I do” and beyond.

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