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The Drive to Bank on Digital

As more people across Brazil and Mexico move to manage their money online, people are starting to expect more from their banks. Online bankers across Latin America's two most populous countries tend to be affluent, require a wider range of bank services and maintain a special connection with their mobile devices. These high-value bankers are optimistic that digital will dominate the future of banking and are raising the bar for the financial services industry. Learn how today's online bankers are shaping the financial institutions of tomorrow.

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Defining the Metrics That Matter

The advertising industry has come a long way since the early days of digital and social media, when marketers had a limited understanding of how digital platforms could drive their business. Check out this summary of an op-ed article by our own Brad Smallwood, Vice President of Marketing Science, that charts Facebook’s digital measurement journey, focusing on how we helped evolve the metrics that define campaign success on our platform, broke down silos with data and shifted the role of analytics teams within our organization.

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Topics to Watch

Topics to Watch: May 2016

In this latest edition of Topics to Watch, we see that “the next big thing” doesn’t always have to be a new product or idea. Each topic offers a big-picture view of what people are talking about to fuel everything from product development to creative.

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